The Specialized Information Program on Book Studies, Library and Information Sciences

Tasks and Goals

The FID is aimed at researchers in book studies as well as library and information sciences. It provides the scientific community with specialized literature for their subjects through a single database. The project is coordinated by the Herzog August Bibliothek in Wolfenbüttel and the Universitätzsbibliothek Leipzig.

Our research portal contains over three million records that we generate from a wide variety of sources:

All of the data generated in this way are recorded in the FID BBI portal and are searchable in a variety of ways. Future steps to expand the service include a digitization-on-demand service and an order option for new publications.

Acquisition Profile

The acquisition profile includes the following subject areas:

Special attention is given to interdisciplinary and international research literature. Digital humanities, auxiliary sciences of history, and conservation and restoration sciences will also be considered if they are directly related to the three disciplines.

In cooperation with the scientific community, the acquisition profile is constantly adjusted and adapted to current research needs.

History of the FID

Spezialized information programms were established in the course of a funding program of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG). Their aim is to strengthen and improve information infrastructures for the academic community. In particular, they offer services that local libraries can not provide due to limited resources.

Specialized literature on book studies and library sciences has been collected since 1949 in the SUB Göttingen and in the Bayrische Staatsbibliothek. Since 2017, the Herzog August Bibliothek and the University Library in Leipzig are working on the FID BBI. In the first funding phase, the central reference portal was developed and put online. The FID BBI portal is constantly being expanded with new content and functions. The development is done in cooperation with the finc community, an association of libraries that aims at the consistent use of open source solutions and the independent mastery of software, metadata and information infrastructure.

Our Team

Dr. Anna Lingnau

Dipl.-Inf. Dorian Merz

The Advisory Board

The development and strategic orientation of the FID BBI as well as its services are accompanied by a scientific advisory board. It ensures the demand-oriented supply of scientific information, engages in continuous quality assurance and advises on the development of new services.