To support research projects regarding book studies, library and information science, the FID BBI enables on-demand digitization of public domain works. The service is completely free of charge. Standalone bibliographic units (monographs, journal volumes, yearbooks, collective works) that are located in a German library can be digitized.

The digitization-on-demand service can be used by the user group of university teachers, research assistants, doctoral students, scholarship holders, and external scientists in Germany. To do so, please log in to your account and access the form linked in the personal account area.

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Before initiating a digitization request, please use the Karlsruhe Virtual Catalog to check whether the work in question is freely accessible on the Internet.

In addition, works that could be in the public domain due to their year of publication are marked with a Digitization-on-Demand button in the FID BBI catalog for authorized users. You can find the button in the title display (below the green bar).

When is a work in the public domain?

In Germany, a work is in the public domain if the author has been deceased for more than 70 years (see § 64 UrhG). If the work has several authors, the work becomes public domain upon the death of the longest-lived co-author. The 70-year term applies to most other European countries.