• What is BBI?

BBI is the central discovery portal of the specialist information service for book, library and information sciences. The search function is available to all researchers, students and people interested in BBI-oriented research questions.

  • How can I use the portal?

No registration or login is required to use the search function of the portal. The search is unrestricted. The printing and downloading of results and lists of results as well as the saving of lists are possible without registration and without login but only for the duration of the session.

However, registered users can benefit from further options. In order to create your own lists, to permanently save and manage frequent search queries, or to check whether the title you are looking for is available in your local library, you must register and be logged in. For further information please refer to our terms of use.

  • What kind of ressources do I find in BBI?

The FID BBI aims to ensure that researchers are provided with specialist literature and research-relevant information in the fields of book, library and information science; current research interests are particularly taken into account. It endeavours to build up as comprehensive a collection as possible and to supplement the holdings in related disciplines. This explicitly includes interdisciplinary foreign literature and media. The acquisition profile was developed in cooperation with the participating disciplines and is regularly adapted to changing requirements of the disciplines.

A wide variety of media forms will be considered. A search will find records for printed and online items, including records for free online content. FID BBI makes use of the cooperatively supported search index finc with a BBI-selected profile. Owing to licensing reasons, subscribed electronic items are not always available from the portal.

  • Why do I not find a particular ressource?

The BBI portal is currently under construction; resources will be added continuously. If you are missing a resource (book, journal, database) in the BBI portal, please contact us. You can use the contact form or fid(at)hab.de for this purpose.

  • Why should I filter the search results?

Use the filter options to narrow down your search. The filters available are:

  • – Access - narrows down to local holdings in print, online holdings and Open Access hits.
  • – Collection - the collections to be considered can be selected here.
  • – Media type - here you can additionally limit your search to monographs, articles in various publications (journals, anthologies), etc.
  • – Subject area - There are no filters for book, library or information science, since the resources are already profiled for BBI; the filter "subject" allows to narrow down the profiled resources based on further subjects
  • – additional filters limit your results by language, person / institution and year of publication