Improving the competence of pharmacist students through international lecturers

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Improving the competence of pharmacist students through international lecturers
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Mafrunah, O R; Hanifah, S; Sari, C P; Ball, P A; Morrissey, Hana; Zairina, Elida; Khotib, Junaidi; Ardianto, Chrismawan; Sulaiman, Syed; Sands III, Charles; Welty, Tomothy
CRC Press, 2017
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University of Wolverhampton: Wolverhampton Intellectual Repository and E-Theses (WIRE)
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The topic of using aseptic technique in hospital compounding and dispensing materials is relatively challenging. In addition, only a few practitioners perform this aseptic technique in Indonesian hospitals. Therefore, visiting lecturers could be a possible alternative for learning improvement. The aims of this study were to identify the role of international lecturers in the learning process and to examine their influence on learning outcomes. A professor and a senior lecturer from the UK were invited to give six lecture sessions on the topic of aseptic technique and intravenous mixing for 102 pharmacist professional students from Islamic University of Indonesia (UII) in Yogyakarta. The evaluation result indicates that the teaching materials prepared by the international lecturer are richer and more up-to-date. The expert lectures given by the international lecturer provide better learning outcomes than those given by internal lecturers. In addition, a questionnaire on student perception indicates positive perception and satisfaction despite the continuing challenges in understanding English.