Pandangan Editor Surat Kabar Indonesia Dan Malaysia Terhadap Jurnalisme Multikultural

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Pandangan Editor Surat Kabar Indonesia Dan Malaysia Terhadap Jurnalisme Multikultural
Authors and Corporations
Junaidi Junaidi
Published in
Jurnal Ilmu Komunikasi UPNYK
"Veteran" University of National Development Yogyakarta, 2010
Type of Resource
neliti (Indonesia's Think Tank Database)
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Both Indonesia and Malaysia are characterized as multicultural society. In multiculturalsociety mass media plays a singnifant role in keeping peaceful condition. Journalistic activitiesgreatly influences the coverage related to multicultural issues. Multicultural journalism is ajournalistic activity which consider multicultural society's interest in keeping peaceful condition.This article aims to know Indonesian dan Malaysian newspaper editors' views towardmulticultural coverage. The study of editors' views is essential to describe the implementationmulticultural coverage in Indonesia and Malaysia.The multicultural coverage includes etnic,religion and the relation of Indonesia-Malaysia. The method of deep interview is used to knoweditors' view toward multiculutral issues in both country. This analysis shows that the Indonesianand Malaysian newspaper editors tend to acknowledge the importance of application ofmulticulturalism in journalistic activity to make peace in multicultural society. Multiculturalcoverage is driven to support pluralistic values in multicultural society. Journalists are givenenough knowledge and experience in making positive multicultural coverage. Code ethic ofjournalism in Indonesia and Malaysia also promotes the application of multicultural views incovering multicultural issues. Based on overall findings of this research, it can be articulatedthat the selected Indonesian and Malaysian newspaper tend to convey information and views tosupport multiculturalism.