Integrating diverse digital elements and DVD authoring to design a promotional interactive DVD media

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Integrating diverse digital elements and DVD authoring to design a promotional interactive DVD media
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Chen, Kai-Yi; Jackson, Chris; Smith, Adam
Rochester Institute of Technology: Digital Media Library (RIT DML), 2003
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Electronic Thesis
Rochester Institute of Technology: Digital Media Library (RIT DML)
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a. Project consideration The project will be an experimental design using DVD media. Below are few factors to be considered before beginning the project. Goal: Use features of DVD media to create an interactive DVD. Value: To help users understand that interactive DVDs promote products better than traditional media. Design solutions: To find the best solutions for the project. Timeline: Define the timetable of project process. Evolution: Understand problems and revise the final project. b. Product definition: The product being promoted almost decides the entire design style in the final DVD. I had chosen the CDJ-1000, a DJ turntable. Not only is it an attractive product, it is also fun, and has the ability to remix audio. It really fits features of DVD media for those chrematistics, and that type of lifestyle can be promoted well in DVD media. c. Define project structure (Please reference diagram 1. of the project structure) UDF Format 1 . Demonstration section: Real people demonstrate the product through film shooting, video editing, sound editing and remixing, lighting and special effects. 2. Main Features: QTVR motion menu. (3D modeling and animation, DVD scripting) 3. Training time: Use multi-angle video and multi-channel audio to train people how to use the product and also combine the quiz. (Different angle video editing, DVD scripting ) 4. Terminology: Basic menu system provides a database-style information system. 5. Product specifications Same as terminology. 6. Credits: Credit information ISO Format 1. Product game: The beat game for DVD media. 2. Product information: QTVR movie and product information. 3. DVD information: DVD media information, credits and web links. d. Define project procedures The project will explore new technology and create interactive DVD media. There are no examples or reference information for this new technology, which makes it necessary to have defined project procedures. (Please reference diagram 02. the project procedure)