The Viral of Anjay Word : Indonesia Slang (Literature Study of Slang)

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The Viral of Anjay Word: Indonesia Slang (Literature Study of Slang)
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thobias sarbunan
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Slang uses referred to modernity, language assimilation, and language variety in social discourses; that underlined the background to the reason of young generation to assimilate and modification, as a tool for communicating also socialization. Importantly, slang even the outer level of young ages, will interpret as negative meanings, but they going to acquire in variety moment. That culture or we can appeal as language behave, promoting their boundaries as independent language user. In further slang became the symbol of freedom of speech, the popularity of zoom generation, a group of human class entity, and modern life. All perspective above, that grounded and interrelated to slang uses, was implicating to the use of Anjay word [as the representative or reflection of the various slang in Indonesia]. A word such Anjay, transported from negative meanings which rooting of [dog-word; in Bahasa Indonesia as Anjing] became one of popular slang that expressed of enthusiasm, adore, joke, love, and friendship to one object. Unpredictable and unthinkable, why, today, as researcher try to describe this topic, that word was problematic to the outer ages of young generation. We have to notice that, Anjay popularity have been using for years, and Indonesian known as one of our Prokem or in English call Slang. Besides that, the highest trend of the uses of that word was achieving in period of YouTube golden age likes in the mid of pandemic. There has numerous user of Anjay word in the moment of speaking. To adhere that issue, researcher was in purpose to describe from scientific attention, in short the interchangeable of language scope to the Anjay word in depth, the method was literature study that compiled of journal-thesis-and bachelor paper. Result showed that slang in general studies, were several of type. So that, we have to consider not also the root of word, but the locus, segment of the user, the reason behind the slang used, and the other language studies factor, such as semantic, lexicon, sociolinguistic, psycholinguistic. Shortly, Anjay word interpretation or description, considered as various slang that not only simply to relate for negative meanings as its viral discussion, but as the language expression to the entity group such young ages.