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Für Fachreferate

Angebote für Fachreferate Der FID BBI möchte die Forschenden der buch-, bibliotheks- und informationswissenschaftlichen Fächer (BBI-Fächer) dort …

The Specialized Information Program on Book Studies, Library and Information Science (FID BBI) provides literature and information for researchers in the three disciplines.

Researchers, lecturers and students can conduct targeted research in over 4.5 million data records.

The data pool is fed by over 30 data sources that are regularly updated.

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Our Data Collections

The title data recorded in the portal originates from a wide variety of sources. A list of the collections and information about their respective filtering can be viewed here.

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Beyond the FID BBI portal, there are numerous other databases relevant to book studies and library and information science. Here is an overview.

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Shaping the FID in dialogue with researchers

The FID BBI is dedicated to the information needs of researchers in book studies, library and information science and would like to offer you exactly the services you need for your research. Feel free to contact us at any time with requests and suggestions.

Write us if you wish to access a certain database, if you cannot find a particular title, or if you need advice with regard to subject-specific research questions. You can also find updates on the FID in our blog or on Twitter.

Our Services

Direct delivery service: As a researcher, you help decide which new publications the FID BBI acquires. And even before the book you requested arrives at our library, we will send it home to you for four weeks. Find more information here.

Digitization-on-Demand: We digitize public domain works that you need for your research. Regardless of the library that holds the original.

Licenses: We provide access to reference and full-text databases relevant to book studies, library and information science.